Monday, October 19, 2015


Momdays began a couple of years ago.  I - Mom - think it began as a way to keep me at bay.  If Monday is set aside for Mom, then she has to leave me the #*%( alone every other day of the week.  (I was just informed that my assumption was correct).  That being said, Momdays have turned into something great!  Something sacred.  Something that you better not mess with or you risk death.

Momdays are the days we do girlie things.  We go shopping, go out to lunch, random day trips, catch up on tv programs.  That and obsess all day about what we are going to make for dinner and what alcohol we are going to consume.

Here we will share our recipes, our crafty things and our adventures.

Hopefully we will allow our personalities (say inner child or filterless goofballs) to shine through.

Here's to MOMdays!

And the Jazzhands because we sing and dance.  But not professionally.

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