Friday, October 23, 2015

From The Mouths of Babes, By Gina

Dae: Mommy, why do we have belly buttons?

Gina: Because when we're babies in our mommy's tummies, the is a little cord that keeps us connected

to our mommy.

Dae: Oh. But only girls can have babies in their tummies. So I need to marry a girl so I can have a son.

Gina: That's right. (starting to get a little nervous)

Dae: It's ok. I already picked her out.

Gina: Oh? (starting to get VERY nervous)

Dae: Yeah, Bethany, at my school. We're going to get married so she can be a mommy for my son.
Gina: Um...
Dae: But don't worry. We won't get married until we can drive.
This is NOT a conversation I need first thing in the morning!!!

Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Lazy Day

Yesterday was a Momday.
I (mom) had just returned from a family reunion in Oklahoma and was still trying to recover from culture shock. I was tired, kinda cranky, and not at all hungry.  But it was Momday!  And, as such, was sacred.  You have to play along.

To say it was spectacular would be a lie.  But it was relaxing.  Anna and I went out to lunch, went to the local Barnes & Noble to get a book, which was not in stock, did a little shopping and came home to prepare drinks and chill.

The book we went to purchase was Paleo Happy Hour, by Kelly Milton.   I already had a copy, but Anna did not.  We almost purchased one at B&N but decided to go to Amazon instead.  It is a great book for those of us that love food but don't want a large meal and want to stay close to Paleo.

We have prepared a couple of things from the book and they have been fabulous!  So we decided to play with it.

Yesterday we tried the Pear Bellini recipe along with some stuffed mushrooms ala Anna.  The bellinis were passable - the first thing from the book that I have tasted that didn't tickle my palate. The mushrooms were just plain great; great if you like spicey that is.

Anna took the following ingredients and threw them together.

Anna's Stuffed Mushrooms
serves 4
  1. 8 large mushrooms, cleaned and stems removed (save stems)
  2. Olive Oil
  3. 1/4 lb high quality chorizo like Dos Mamacitas, or make your own.
  4. 1/2 large sweet onion
  5. 1 avacado
  6. 1 cp water

Coat mushrooms with thin coating of olive oil and place, stem side down, on foil lined broiler pan. 
Broil until they brown and release  a bit of their liquid. Turn mushrooms and place back beneath the broiler.
Meanwhile, finely dice the mushroom stems and onion.  Place in skillet with chorizo over medium heat until onions are soft and chorizo is browned.  Cover with water and simmer until all water is evaporated.
Mash avacado and stir into chorizo mixture.
Place a heaping tablespoon into each mushroom cap and broil until lightly browned.  
Serve and enjoy the heat!

If you aren't trying to go Paleo, you can top each mushroom with a bit of cheese before the last broiling go round.

After our little nibble, we caught an episode from Season I of CSI...the one where Sidle is rather pissed at Brown because she thinks he is gambling again.  Then proceeded to get Anna caught up on the current season of The Voice.

We won't be having another Momday for a couple of weeks.  Hope I am feeling more like playing as we want to try and make a trip over to New Hampshire to see Gina and have a total MOMday!

Monday, October 19, 2015


Momdays began a couple of years ago.  I - Mom - think it began as a way to keep me at bay.  If Monday is set aside for Mom, then she has to leave me the #*%( alone every other day of the week.  (I was just informed that my assumption was correct).  That being said, Momdays have turned into something great!  Something sacred.  Something that you better not mess with or you risk death.

Momdays are the days we do girlie things.  We go shopping, go out to lunch, random day trips, catch up on tv programs.  That and obsess all day about what we are going to make for dinner and what alcohol we are going to consume.

Here we will share our recipes, our crafty things and our adventures.

Hopefully we will allow our personalities (say inner child or filterless goofballs) to shine through.

Here's to MOMdays!

And the Jazzhands because we sing and dance.  But not professionally.